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Behaviour Modification

Restore Balance

Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification is a transformative process aimed at reshaping your dog's behaviour for the better. Whether your dog struggles with aggression, fear, or anxiety, our tailored approach addresses the root causes of these issues to foster positive change. We understand the challenges of living with an imbalanced dog and the impact it can have on your daily life. With our expertise and compassionate guidance, we empower dogs to overcome their challenges, paving the way for a brighter future together.

Canine Aggression

Canine Aggression is a specialised program aimed at addressing aggressive behaviour towards other dogs. We understand the challenges of owning a dog with aggression issues. Our tailored approach focuses on empowering dogs to overcome their aggression and become friendly and playful around other dogs. Say goodbye to constant anxiety when encountering other dogs—our program empowers dogs to embrace social interactions confidently and safely.

Human Aggression

Our Human Aggression program is designed for dogs that display aggressive behaviour towards people. Many of the dogs entering this program have exhibited severe aggression, leading to dangerous situations or even facing euthanasia due to owners' lost hope. However, our transformative approach yields remarkable results. Dogs emerge from the program with entirely different dispositions, now able to interact safely with people. With our expertise and dedication, we instil hope and confidence in owners, showing that even the most aggressive dogs can be trained.

Did You Know?

Many dogs with behaviour problems end up being euthanized because their owners couldn't find a solution. This is a heart-breaking reality faced by millions of dogs every year. With the right training and guidance, all dogs can overcome their behavioural issues and live fulfilling lives with their families.

Fear Response

We understand the challenges owners face when their beloved pets are constantly on edge. Our expert trainers specialise in building confidence in fearful dogs, helping them overcome their fears to enjoy a happier, stress-free life. Whether you're welcoming a rescue dog into your home or you noticed your dog showing signs of fear, our program is here to help.

Anxious Behaviour

If your dog grapples with anxiety, our program is tailored to alleviate stress for both you and your canine companion. Whether your dog experiences separation anxiety or displays excessive excitement in certain situations, our program is designed to address these challenges. We prioritise rebuilding confidence and helping dogs feel more at ease. Through our specialised training, dogs learn to overcome their worries and adopt a more positive outlook on life.

Unleash Hidden Potential

At Storm K9, we believe that dog training transcends basic obedience commands. It's a profound journey towards building a harmonious and enriching bond between you and your canine companion. Dogs have the ability to bring joy and fulfilment to our lives, and we're here to help you experience that special connection. Our mission is to make the transformative power of dog training accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Explore the extraordinary within your symbiotic partnership – awaken the untapped potential of companionship with Storm K9.

  • The best time to start training your puppy is day one. Waiting for a specific age to begin training can lead to missed opportunities for crucial development. Puppies are remarkably receptive, learning lessons and behaviours right from birth. Starting training early sets the foundation for future behaviour by establishing essential discipline and structure.

  • Training sessions primarily take place in and around the home location. Training inside the home allows your puppy to learn and practice behaviours in the environment where they are most needed. As we progress, we extend training to public locations to ensure your puppy can handle realistic distractions. 

  • While we occasionally arrange group classes to address specific needs, our primary focus is on private one-to-one sessions. Private sessions offer a personalised experience, enabling you to work closely with the trainer, resulting in optimal training outcomes. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our training philosophy.

Kali and Nugget

With out the training and structure provided by yourself she would not be able to face her fears...

Silvia and Luna

We decided to call Manvinder for help and it was the best decision we have ever made in our lives...

Jenny and Bentley

Bentley now gets to live the life he deserves, he walks to heal, no pulling, not interested in ot...

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