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Success Stories

Happy Clients

Success Stories

Discover the impact of our training through the words of those who've experienced it firsthand. Dive into our client testimonials to learn how our programs have transformed the lives of both dogs and their owners.

Nithya and Tony

"Having recently brought our 9 year old dog over from India, she was struggling to settle down in her new surroundings. Regular walks were a bit of a struggle with extensive leash pulling and her aggression/reactivity towards other dogs and animals. That's when we got in touch with Manny. Manny was very professional from day 1 and seemed very knowledgable. During his first consultation visit, he spent a lot of time trying to understand our concerns and explaining in detail his training methods. Even though we were quite skeptical about using an electric collar, Manny quickly allayed our fears and showed us that it wasn’t anywhere near as negative as what we thought it might be. He devised a training plan suited to her needs and we quickly got into a weekly training routine. Within a couple of weeks, we started seeing considerable changes in her behaviour. And over time, with constant advice and guidance from Manny, we soon started seeing positive results. Manny was very flexible and always adjusted training times that suited us best. We would highly recommend Mandy and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again."

6 July 2024

Robyn And Kobe

"We are beyond grateful for the training we had with Manvinder. We were frustrated dog owners, not understanding why Kobe wouldn’t walk nicely on the lead, being pulled from pillar to post and avoiding lead walking at all costs. Now we take him everywhere, confident that he will walk in heal, never pull and is amazing with everyone that has him. Kobe has always been a near perfect dog, but with help from StormK9, I can confidently say he is now the perfect dog for us. Best investment we have made, for a happy next 10+ years we get to have with Kobe."

24 June 2024

Maria and Chickpea

"I am beyond grateful to have found Manvinder to help with my french bulldog, who had severe aggression issues towards both other dogs and humans. After struggling for months and trying various methods (including medications) without success, Manvinder's expertise and dedication made a remarkable difference.

Manvinder took the time to assess our dog’s triggers and designed a customised training plan that was both practical and effective.

Throughout the training period, Manvinder was incredibly patient and supportive. He not only trained our dog but also educated us on how to handle and reinforce good behavior.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. Our dog is now much calmer and more sociable, know the boundaries. His aggressive tendencies have significantly decreased, and he can now walk past other dogs and humans.

I highly recommend Manvinder to anyone facing similar issues with their pets. His professional, knowledgeable approach has truly made a difference in our lives.

Thank you for your exceptional work and dedication!"

20 June 2024

Carly and Quinn

"I can not believe how far my girl has come from her training, she used to bark at any person that walked by, and lunge at people or dogs on walks. Now she ignores people, AND I can let her off leash without fear of her either running away, hurting someone or putting others pets and my own in danger. I can let people into my house without having to leash her or separate her from the rest of the house, I honestly can not believe this is the same fear aggressive dog that I had 3 months ago. She’s become so much happier and has even began letting others pet her, and she absolutely loves her new found freedom on walks, fetch just became a whole lot bigger. The heel and recall training are absolute game changers, thank you so much for teaching me how to teach my dog, you are amazing!"

18 June 2024

Kali and Nugget

"Nugget was a meltdown level scared reactive dog. With out the training and structure provided by yourself she would not be able to face her fears and overcome them. Nor would she of been able to maintain her behaviour out and about. From absolutely terrified of men to being able to work next to them with no problems."

3 May 2024

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