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Success Stories

Happy Clients

Success Stories

Discover the impact of our training through the words of those who've experienced it firsthand. Dive into our client testimonials to learn how our programs have transformed the lives of both dogs and their owners.

Preya and Melon

We highly recommend Manny! We have a challenging rescue called Melon who struggled with reacting to all dogs, lunging, barking and pulling on the lead - nothing could break her focus on the other dogs. With Manny’s knowledge and skill he was able to help us get Melon’s confidence and obedience up to such a standard where she walks to a heel and has recall for the first time, making our walks so much more enjoyable! She even walks to a heel next to a pram, which she was once scared of. Most importantly he gave me the knowledge to continue the training at home.

19 February 2024

Jaye and Luna

We took on Luna who was over 2 at the time. We knew she was scared of everyone and anything and would bark constantly. Her bark was very intimidating and we had to lock her away when we had visitors. My mum had recommended Mani, who had trained her Gsd. It was the best decision we had ever made.
Mani came and met luna she was very nervous and warry. After a few sessions luna became more comfortable with Mani. We started the training programme and I did my homework to keep up the work we had achieved at each session. Mani was very clear with instructions as he's not only training your dog he's teaching you so you can follow his guidance.
Since the training luna is a completely different dog. I'm confident to take her out off leash, Shes fully aware of roads and knows when to sit. We can welcome anyone into our home and she is calm, unlike the previous aggressive behaviour of barking at everyone.

I was recommended to use an e collar when I started training with luna. I tried the collar myself and its literally a vibration. Without the use of the e collar with luna I don't think I would have been able to take her on. Having 3 young children and her being so nervous it was a massive risk. I'm delighted to say that luna is the most loving and efficient dog towards all 3 children. She walks to heal with my 7 year old. I couldn't be prouder of how far luna has come and what a different dog she is.

10 February 2024

Vicki and Bonnie

Manny has been training our female GS pup (Bonnie) for the last 2 months, we started when she was 5.5 months as she had become very reactive to people due to being nervous and fearful. Walking her was becoming very stressful and worrying and we couldn’t let her off the lead.

I am very limited with my availability and Manny was very understanding with us finding a regular timeslot and remaining committed to it. Manny was always on times and completely reliable.

Manny truly knows his stuff, he really understands the psychology of dogs and has a great way with dogs.

By the end of our first session Bonnie was walking to heal, and after a few sessions we had made great headway with conquering Bonnie’s fear and reactivity. I am now able to walk Bonnie easily to heal without holding her lead (it is wrapped around my waist), she is now able to be off the lead without any worry, and her recall is fab, she is a delight to take out and this is all thanks to Manny 😊

1 February 2024

Jimena and Paco

We have a beautiful Giant Schnauzer male, whose temperament we could not control as he was boisterous and dominant growling and lunging every time he met another male dog, and his recall was almost non-existent. When we walked him to the park, we used a long rope to help us prevent any unpleasant situations, but still, it was very inconvenient to use as the rope would get tangled. We dreamt of stress-free walks with a dog that would obey the call and socialize with dogs calmly. With no success with anything we tried, we decided to use Manvinder's training services. The turnaround our dog has made with the training is total, he is now a very obedient dog, does not pull on the lead, and walks by our side, even off the lead. We now enjoy with no worries our walks through the park as our dog socializes very well with others; re-calls are 100% and can also take him to restaurants as his behavior is impeccable. We receive many compliments from people who see us with him and all thanks to the method used by Manvinder and his assistant dog, a German Sheppard who helped our dog to learn to be calm in the presence of another male dog.

1 February 2024

David, Cooper and Arlo

Mani has a clear, no nonsense approach that inspired confidence that he would get results. Within a few weeks we had resolved our main issue and have not looked back since.
I would recommend Mani for anyone who is struggling to train their dogs.

30 November 2023

Unleash Hidden Potential

At Storm K9, we believe that dog training transcends basic obedience commands. It's a profound journey towards building a harmonious and enriching bond between you and your canine companion. Dogs have the ability to bring joy and fulfilment to our lives, and we're here to help you experience that special connection. Our mission is to make the transformative power of dog training accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Explore the extraordinary within your symbiotic partnership – awaken the untapped potential of companionship with Storm K9.

  • The best time to start training your puppy is day one. Waiting for a specific age to begin training can lead to missed opportunities for crucial development. Puppies are remarkably receptive, learning lessons and behaviours right from birth. Starting training early sets the foundation for future behaviour by establishing essential discipline and structure.

  • Training sessions primarily take place in and around the home location. Training inside the home allows your puppy to learn and practice behaviours in the environment where they are most needed. As we progress, we extend training to public locations to ensure your puppy can handle realistic distractions. 

  • While we occasionally arrange group classes to address specific needs, our primary focus is on private one-to-one sessions. Private sessions offer a personalised experience, enabling you to work closely with the trainer, resulting in optimal training outcomes. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our training philosophy.


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